Alexander Biggs News

I’m heading into the studio tomorrow to finish my next release. I’m excited to be working with Matt Neighbour, a great producer and recordist. He’s got a really wonderful space in Yarraville and I think he knows how best to serve this next batch of songs. It’s been hard to narrow down a short list to fit on one release. I’ve been writing so much, and the closer I got to the deadline the more it seemed my head had something to say. It feels like the less time I have, the more I feel compelled to write. The final song that made it into the shortlist was written the day I went in for a meeting with the producer. I guess I’ve always been more interested in my new songs. I’ve lost or forgotten a lot along the way in the name of shortlisting the ‘best’ material. Some days I feel like I get more excited about the B-Sides. I’d love to release them some time, in all their shaky, amateurish wonder.