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Shooting my music videos has been an awkward, messy, but ultimately enjoyable affair. Video interviews? Easy. Photo shoots? Getting better. Hell, friends’ snapchats? I’ll be there.

Music videos…? We’ll see. (Judge for yourself?)

I think it’s something about being in from of the camera AND having to portray emotions and movements that add to the difficulty. Never again will I criticise an actor (maybe C-grade horror films). Nevertheless, the shoot provided more insight into my very own self that has been invaluable in my continued growth and journey through this mess we call life.

The concept of the video explores an artist’s experiences of the music industry, one that rang very true to me when I conceived the idea a few years ago. It explores the pleasure and the struggle in pursuing our passion, the constant devaluing of our craft (both by others and ourselves), our reactions to the critics and the big dogs, and the ease of making music yourself these days and the subsequent struggle in trying to be heard in the oversaturated market.

Working with Michael Roberts has been an enjoyable process. Michael’s work ethic, knowledge, and enthusiasm makes him an incredible resource and human. Having dug up this idea over coffee, Michael really ran with it, and helped developed the scenes.

I coined the idea when I was playing in friends’ bands and writing my own music in the local music scene unimpressed by the free downloads and $7 dollar albums (and more) and the like. It seemed so unfair that artists had to do that to have their albums heard.

Filming was fun. The second day of filming brought with it freezing cold weather and a lot of rain. This meant a lot of running in and out of cover. I got some friends involved so you’ll be able to see their pretty faces. A lot of them are incredibly gifted artists. More on that at a later date. To sum up this long-winded post, when life gives you lemons, make a music video. I like making videos now.

See you in a bit,

Alexander Biggs

PS. On ‘oversaturation’ of music, I think we’re so lucky to have the means to make music out of our own homes. I suggest you try it! If not, explore all the content being made, especially by artists local to you. It’s not all going to be great but then neither is life. There are some guaranteed gems out there, I assure you. (You could be one of them!)