Alexander Biggs News

It’s been a long, long time since I first spoke of releasing more music to follow up my song Tidal Wave. In that time, I’ve signed a world-wide recording contract with Sony Music Australia, signed to the incredible Collective Artists booking agency, and joined the Native Tongue Music Publishing family alongside an incredible roster of songwriters. This all baffles me.

It all feels like I’ve travelled a great stretch of road in a very fast car, a ride that both frightens and excites me. My past self is thanking my present self for doing what I said I’d do. No matter how far I am from those initial days at home, in my bedroom, blinds drawn, singing gently into a broken microphone (the days of home recording), the work ethic, the reasons why I bother continue to stay with me.

It’s with this frame of mind that I am so pleased to announce my debut EP ‘Still You Sharpen Your Teeth’, along with its lead single ‘Figure It Out’. This release is an amalgamation of late nights, fear and anxieties, hopes and ruminations, a lot of coffee and coffee-free streaks, and a persistent struggle to deliver my songs in a way that serves them best. It’s with a lot of hope that these can now serve you.

Recording these songs with John Castle has been an insightful process. I’ve learned a lot about what makes a good record, a good writer, a good artist, and a good producer. I’ve also learned a lot about myself.

The first week of recording I fell sick with a sore throat that left me unable to do any more than record guitar (with a lot of nose-blowing in between.) This is something I can only put down to my mind’s inclination to procrastinate. It took a lot for me to step out of my D.I.Y mindset and let another creative in. I’d like to thank John immensely for accommodating these baby steps, with a lot of grace.

‘Figure It Out’ was a dark horse in these studio sessions. It wasn’t until we’d recorded most of it that it came apparent it would be used as the lead single. This was surprising as it was written a few weeks before heading into the studio. More on that later.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for sticking around in an age of 30 second videos and instant gratification. More slow, slow music to come. Hopefully this EP can offer you enough promise to stick around for the next batch. Songs, indeed, are endless.

On to the next.

Yours faithfully,

Alexander Biggs